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Akiki Afriworx

Akiki Afriworx is dedicated to mobilising capital, experience and businesses in Southern Africa.

Akiki Afriworx

ESG Certified

Akiki Afriworx | Fund Management Boutique


We belief in the potential of the Southern African region.

Smart funding

We provide more than capital. We share knowledge, network and insights to make your company grow.

Local presence

We have presence in the SADC region and in Europe.


Our investment process is fast and efficient.

Akiki Afriworx SME Fund
SME’s make up an important part of the (global) economy. Despite this importance, investments and finance opportunities are often difficult to acquire for SME’s/SGB’s. Therefor, the Akiki Afriworx SME Fund will invest in SME’s/SGB’s only.

Find out more about us and take a leap with your business.

The Akiki Afriworx SME Fund focuses on investing in companies that see opportunities in the SADC region. We deploy capital, experience and network to actively guide companies that we have invested in. Without excluding others, our primary focus is on:

– SME’s / SGB’s
– In the Southern African region
– Adherence to relevant CSR values
– Capital requirement minimum US$ 75.000

We invest sector agnostic, however our initial focus is on the following sectors: Agriculture, Energy, Health, High Tech Companies, ICT, Leisure, Mobile and Production facilities.

If you have an investment proposal, please contact us so we can discuss the relevant conditions with you. In general, the Akiki Afriworx SME Fund has at least the following conditions:

– Capital need of app. US$ 75.000 – 4 million
– Adherence to OECD, IFC, sustainability standards
– Economically and commercially viable
– (Some) substance in  current activities

Since we have local presence in the SADC region and in Europe, we have a solid base to support European companies to enter the SADC region and for offering professional assistance.

We focus on companies positioned advantageously in growing sectors and we target scalable business opportunities that have clear and defendable core competences. We are committed to operating with the highest standards of integrity, environmental, social and corporate governance practices, which values are inculcated in our portfolio companies. We continuously seek to deliver superior returns to our investors, value-adding expertise and capital to portfolio companies, as well as a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

About Akiki Afriworx
Akiki Afriworx is a fund management boutique with the goal to link international financial markets to African business opportunities. We are experienced investment managers, – bankers, entrepreneurs and business accelerators with a mix of complimentary investment, due diligence, transaction execution and operational and executive management experience gained across the globe.

Our presence in Africa and Europe enables us to recognise opportunities upon appearance. We have a strong network of (angel and institutional) investors, enabling us to make the perfect match between investors and entrepreneurs; we make up the ideal partner for investors, portfolio companies and entrepreneurs.

Key strengths
Due to our unique “boots-on-the-ground” strategy, we are able to deliver the African promise. Akiki Afriworx’ visionary approach has the following key strengths:

  • Regional insight and a global perspective provided by a world-class advisory board together with young and driven management talent;
  • Rigorous due diligence coupled with the highest standards of transparency and investor feedback;
  • First-mover advantage due to a local presence and team guaranteeing access to the best deals and talent;
  • Focus on sustainable profitability;
  • Active management of portfolio companies to fulfil their real potential and turn local gems into regional stars.

The Akiki Afriworx team is immersed in African business practices while having global business perspective and practices. The network available within our team and the early anchor investors is unrivalled for its quality, extension and diversity. The platform at Akiki Afriworx is set to deliver competitive returns to its investors while nurturing the win-win game of impact investing. With its unique approach, Akiki Afriworx is able to spot opportunities before they become apparent. In addition, our team has top talent and is able to execute transactions optimally.

As such we represent a superior opportunity for international investors to tap the enormous potential of African opportunities; funds managed by Akiki Afriworx will be at the centre of the historical transition from aid to trade development.


Orbid Hunidzarira

Orbid Hunidzarira

Senior Partner & CIO

Mr Hunidzarira is an experienced investment manager. He has extensive experience in the field of investment banking and private equity. He heads our team in Africa from the Harare office in Zimbabwe. Contact him via LinkedIn or send him an e-mail.

Precious Chipunza

Precious Chipunza

Partner & CFO

Mr Chipunza is an experienced investment manager with a strong background in corporate finance. As CFO he is reponsible for the financial operations of the fund and its portfolio companies. He operates from our Harare office. Contact him via LinkedIn or send him an e-mail.


Zimbabwe office
Mr Orbid Hunidzarira
Senior Partner & CIO

E-mail Orbid
+263 (4) 749549-51
+263 78 352 13 27
Skype: orbid.hunidzarira

Mr Ramon Lambert
Netherlands liaison

E-mail Ramon
+31 (0)6 290 872 56
Skype: ramon.lambert

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